Three Tips for Safe Christmas Indulgence from Campbelltown’s Family Dentist

With the holiday season upon us, there is no shortage of Sydneysiders looking forward to some relaxation. Few other periods of the year are as rife with decadence as this one. And why not? There is nothing wrong with letting your hair down, and ending the year with some relaxation.

As a result, we will often relax our dietary discipline. Most homes are not going to be shy of some tasty, sugary treats, tempting us from nearly all angles. Almost everyone will let themselves fall off the wagon, and it is our teeth that will often pay the price.

As your Campbelltown family dentist, we won’t preach to you – it is the holiday season, after all, and everyone needs to enjoy themselves on occasion. However, we will pass along a few tips on how to remediate the impacts of this sudden onslaught of sugars and acids.

Hydrate and Dilute

By swishing some water around your mouth after each sugary indulgence, you can do a great deal to dilute the impact of the acids. Doing so encourages saliva production, which helps to balance the PH in your mouth, and helps to give your enamel a better chance at holding its ground.

Don’t Slack

Of all periods, this is not the one to fall back on bad dental-care habits. Ensure that you are brushing twice daily, but remember – don’t brush immediately after you have indulged. Your enamel is actually softened by the acids produced by sugar, and brushing soon after can hurt it more. Wait a good hour, and make sure that you are using a soft-bristle toothbrush and flossing regularly.

Don’t Graze

Rather than taking little and often, indulge all at once. This exposes your teeth to these harmful acids and sugars in one fell swoop, rather than throughout the day.

Come and visit Campbelltown’s family dentist in the new year, and let’s make sure your teeth have withstood the rigours of the season. In the meantime, happy holidays!

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Nicolle Nash

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