Crowns and Bridges

Effective Ways to Restore Missing/Damaged Teeth

crowns and bridges campbelltown

Crowns and Bridges Campbelltown

The best dental restorations for missing and damaged teeth are crowns and bridges.

This procedure uses prosthetic devices to restore your natural smile and appearance.

When the tooth formation is damaged or fractured, a crown is used; a bridge is used if there are any missing teeth or completely missing.

What is a Crown?

A crown is an artificial tooth created to fill tooth structure gaps.

Typically, it is constructed of porcelain or ceramic that can be coloured and textured to match your natural teeth.

When replacing a back tooth, a crown may occasionally be made of gold alloys for increased strength.

Porcelain is frequently bonded to the outside of a metal crown to increase its strength and give it a more appealing appearance.

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What is a Bridge?

Dental bridges serve as an alternative to implants for false teeth.

They use false teeth anchored by neighbouring teeth to replace one or more missing teeth, forming a “bridge” in the process.

Each artificial tooth, known as a pontic, is joined to another pontic or a crown bound to a natural tooth.

When Would One Require a Crown or Bridge?

Dental bridges and crowns are used to treat a variety of dental issues, including:

When an existing tooth is chipped, fractured, or weak, crowns are used to fill in the gaps and eliminate decay. The crown is set with cement, so it sits atop the new form like a cap.

How are Bridges and Crowns Made?

The tooth or teeth must be shrunk size before a crown or bridge is created for them to fit properly over it.

Your dentist will take impressions after shaping the tooth or teeth so that a precise mould can be made for the crown or bridge.

Your dentist will choose the right shade of porcelain to match the colour of your natural teeth if it is used for the crown or bridge.

Your crown or bridge will be made in the material your dentist specifies using the impression at a dental lab.

A temporary crown or bridge will be affixed to protect the prepared tooth while the dental lab produces the permanent crown or bridge.

Once the permanent crown or bridge is completed, the temporary one is removed, and the prepared tooth or teeth are then covered with the new restoration.

Crowns and Bridges Procedure

crowns and bridges procedure campbelltown

On your first visit

You can talk to your dentist about the colour, shape, and size of the crown or bridge that you want.

A temporary restoration is worn while the new one is being created to preserve the tooth’s space and safeguard the prepared teeth.

On your next visit

Your dentist will remove your temporary restoration once the crown or bridge has been made, and you will try it on to ensure that it fits properly and that you are satisfied.

The permanent restoration is bonded by your dentist using an adhesive bonding agent after it has been finalised, adjusted, and approved.

Crown and Bridge Care

Once they are in place, practise good oral hygiene, which includes brushing your teeth at least twice daily and steering clear of sticky foods.

Crowns and Bridges in Campbelltown

Finding your ideal smile shouldn’t be challenging.

You can select from various dental restorations, including bridges and crowns.

Your Campbelltown dentist at Marketfair Dental Care will work closely with you to find the perfect match.

At Marketfair Dental Care, we treat all our patients as we would our families by using the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

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How long will a crown or bridge last?

The effectiveness and regularity of your oral hygiene regimen will determine the lifespan of your crowns and bridges. Regular oral hygiene and dental checkups typically last seven to fifteen years.

Are dental bridges or crowns visible?

Crowns and bridges are constructed from materials that look natural and improve your appearance.

How to take care of your restoration?

Steer clear of chewing and biting on hot or cold beverages or hard food.