Lost and Damaged Dental Restorations

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lost dental restorations campbelltown

Lost Dental Restorations Campbelltown

Dental restorations should sustain for many years, even if they are intended to only last for a while.

However, there is a chance of damage or issues with dental implantsdental crowns, and more.

Make an appointment with your Campbelltown dentist to replace fillings, restore implants, and more.

The likelihood that this issue will only worsen increases the longer you wait.

Commons Reasons for Dental Restoration Damage

The following factors can harm dental restorations:

Z Natural deterioration

Restorations have their limitations despite being made to be strong. They can get weakened and reach the point of fracture due to repeated chewing, grinding, biting, and other actions over time.

Z Abuse

Although dental restorations are durable and long-lasting, that does not mean you can use them as frequently as you like. Never use your teeth as a tool to open packages or break apart hard things since this could result in breakage.

Z Dental decay

The most frequent reason for receiving a dental restoration is tooth decay.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to secondary cavities, weakening your tooth until it can no longer support your restorations.

Z Poor dental work

Choosing the finest dentist for you means receiving quality dental care. Dental restorations’ functionality may be impacted by poor dental work.

What to Do if a Dental Restoration is Lost or Damaged?

what to do if a dental restoration is lost or damaged campbelltown

Here is what you can do if your dental restorations break or if you believe they are missing:


  • Clean the crown, then put it in a secure place.
  • Apply a tiny bit of clove oil to the area to lessen the discomfort and sensitivity.
  • Visit your dentist in Campbelltown straight away.
Fillings, Inlays/Onlays
  • Rinse with water to get debris off of your restorations.
  • Do not attempt to fix the restoration. Let your dentist fix it.
  • Do not attempt to replace restorations; doing so risks accidentally ingesting or breathing them in.
  • Dab a little clove oil into a cotton swab to lessen discomfort and irritation.

You must visit your Campbelltown dentist regularly to ensure you’re entirely protected from any potential dangers.

Dental Restoration Repair/Replacement at Marketfair Dental Care

Your dental restoration may need to be repaired depending on how badly it has been damaged. In some situations, a new dental restoration is necessary. Your Campbelltown dentist can repair any slight damage within a single day.

Lost Dental Restorations in Campbelltown

If you have lost or damaged your dental fillings, crown, or inlay/onlay and need to see your Campbelltown dentist immediately, call us and make an appointment.

At Marketfair Dental Care, we treat all our patients as we would our families by using the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

Visit your Campbelltown dentist today!

Same-Day Dental Emergency Appointment Available in Campbelltown

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How do I tell if my restoration needs to be repaired or replaced?

When your restoration produces pain, the bonding agent weakens. The same is true when a restoration develops a sharp edge or changes in texture.

Consult your Campbelltown dentist to determine the best choice for repairing your dental restoration.

When should I contact my dentist?

Suppose you have an issue with your dental repair, such as a crack in your filling or dentures that don’t fit properly, make an appointment with your Campbelltown dentist immediately once. See your dentist for routine cleanings and check-ups as well.

How do I care for my dental restorations?

Treat your restorations with the same level of care as your original teeth. Attend follow-up appointments with your Campbelltown dentist and keep them clean every day.