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Knocked-Out Tooth Campbelltown

Teeth are frequently lost in accidents, conflicts, sports injuries, or vigorous play; a knocked-out tooth is a medical emergency.

Every year, more than five million teeth are lost due to accidents that affect people of all ages.

The tooth can be saved with quick emergency action, allowing for a successful replant that will last many years.

Causes of a Knocked-Out Tooth

Common causes of knocked-out teeth include:

  • Unintentional fall
  • Fighting
  • Car crashes
  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Sports injuries
  • Biting on hard foods or objects

First Aid Measures for a Knocked-Out Tooth

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From the moment your tooth falls out until you see a dentist, follow these suggestions for keeping it healthy:

The crown, not the root, should hold the tooth

Protect the tooth right away. Take care when handling the tooth; only the crown should be touched.

To clean the teeth, use lukewarm water

To remove the grime, rinse with warm water. Please avoid using chemicals or soap, don’t clean the tooth, don’t allow it to dry out, and don’t cover it in a piece of cloth or tissue.

If possible, reinsert the tooth in its socket

If a permanent tooth is lost, it should be replaced right away. Use your fingers to prod it gently, lay it above its socket and slowly close your mouth. Using your fingers or biting down on the tooth, secure it in place.

Keep the tooth wet at all times

Always keep the tooth moist in your mouth or a container. Put milk in it or tuck it in your mouth next to your cheek if it can’t be put back into the socket.

Knocked-Out Tooth Prevention

To avoid having your teeth shattered or knocked out, remember these tips:

  • When engaging in any contact sport or leisure activity, use a mouthguard.
  • Stay away from fights that could result in facial blows.
  • Be careful not to bite into hard things, such as bones, stale bread, tough bagels, and unpopped popcorn kernels.
  • Always buckle up in a car.

Many patients at Marketfair Dental Care have received the care they require and deserve while also receiving assistance in overcoming their anxiety.

It’s always possible to visit a dentist, despite what you might believe or the condition of your teeth.

After witnessing and understanding the advantages of seeing the dentist, most people with anxiety are glad to learn that dental treatment is not as unpleasant as anticipated and are only too eager to continue treatment and routinely visit us.

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Knocked-Out Tooth at Marketfair Dental Care

If you have a knocked-out tooth, whether permanent or temporary, please call your Campbelltown dentist as soon as possible so that we can address the problem and prevent further damage or infection.

Same-Day Dental Emergency Appointment Available in Campbelltown

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How soon should I see a dentist after I lose a tooth?

The accident occurs right away. Getting to your dentist in Cabramatta on time can mean the difference between keeping and losing a tooth.

Why do I need to soak the tooth in milk?

Since the cells from the root surface don’t expand and burst like when submerged in water, milk best keeps knocked-out teeth.

Can you reimplant a knocked-out tooth?

A knocked-out tooth can only be saved if it is a permanent tooth. A knocked-out permanent tooth should be taken seriously.

If you do not keep this tooth properly, your Campbelltown dentist will find it difficult, if not impossible, to place it back in your mouth.