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Do you know your child’s dental health?

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Children’s Dentist Campbelltown

Fostering a relaxed atmosphere is essential for kids and the dentist.

After all, the first visit will serve as a benchmark for subsequent visits and their oral health for years to come.

Creating a joyful, upbeat environment for your child, beginning with their first dental appointment, is crucial, as we all know.

By making their first dental appointment, you can ensure that your child has a gorgeous smile for years.

When should kids visit the dentist?

The Australasian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry advises having the child’s first dental examination done no later than 12 months after the first baby tooth eruption.

Baby teeth are crucial because the condition of these teeth will determine how your child will smile as an adult. This is why we advocate for prompt and appropriate care.

where convenience and comfort are important childrens dentist campbelltown

Where Convenience and Comfort Are Important

For children, convenience and comfort are paramount.

After all, they frequently experience dental phobia and general anxiety before visiting the dentist.

Our Campbelltown team is aware of this, which is why we provide services to ensure your child is at ease as soon as they arrive at our office.

Purpose of Children’s Dentistry

  • Promote good oral health.
  • Diagnosis of oral diseases
  • Design treatment programmes to maintain or improve the child’s oral health.
  • Interpret X-rays and tests
  • Ensure the safe administration of anaesthetics
  • Keep track of the child’s tooth and jaw development.
  • Perform surgical procedures on the mouth’s teeth, bone, and soft tissues.
  • Restore or fill decayed teeth.
  • Treat dental injuries such as fractured, displaced, and knocked-out teeth.

Our Children’s Dentistry Services in Campbelltown

our childrens dentistry services in campbelltown

Dental Exams

Children must visit the dentist frequently to maintain healthy teeth. It helps determine whether children will require dental care in the future.
Dental Cleans

A dental cleaning assists in removing plaque accumulation from your child’s mouth’s difficult-to-reach areas and identifying and treating early tooth decay.

To avoid food debris and plaque buildup, children should visit the dentist at least twice a year for teeth cleaning. Children at greater risk for tooth decay may also benefit from fluoride treatments, and sealants are typically advised to protect the teeth from harmful bacteria and plaque.

Fluoride Treatments

When your child has teeth, your Campbelltown dentist may suggest fluoride treatments to help prevent cavities. This can be accomplished two to four times annually. The number of procedures depends on how likely your child will get a cavity.


Dental emergencies are less likely to occur in kids who wear mouthguards. Wear them whenever your child participates in leisure or athletic activities.

The best mouthguard is one that your dentist custom-makes for your mouth. If your child wears braces or any other fixed dental appliance on the lower jaw, your Campbelltown dentist may advise a mouth guard for these teeth.

Fissure Sealants

As a preventative measure, fissure sealants may be advantageous for your child. Fissure sealants are applied to children between the ages of six and twelve to the surfaces of children’s permanent molars to prevent tooth decay in the grooves of these back teeth.

Children’s Dentistry in Campbelltown

A Relaxing, Caring Environment for the Entire Family

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Child Dental Benefits Schedule in Campbelltown

Bulk Bill for eligible children

Up to $1,095 worth of dental treatments for two years

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Are my child's baby teeth that important?

For a variety of reasons, baby teeth are essential. They not only aid young children in speaking and chewing clearly during the early years of life, but they also aid in guiding the eruption of permanent teeth.

How frequently should my child visit a paediatric dentist?

Your child should schedule an appointment with the dentist every 6 months to avoid tooth decay and other dental issues. However, based on your child’s oral health, your paediatric dentist can advise you on the timing and frequency of visits.

When should I introduce toothpaste to my child?

Use fluoridated toothpaste no earlier than age 3. Brush your child’s teeth with water and a soft-bristled toothbrush before they turn three. Once your child turns 3, parents need to watch over-brushing. Ensure kids don’t ingest extra toothpaste by using only a pea-sized amount.