Porcelain Fillings

Why Should You Use Porcelain Fillings?

porcelain fillings campbelltown

Porcelain Fillings Campbelltown

Porcelain fillings produce aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

Nobody can detect that you could have a filling because they appear to be natural teeth.

Although porcelain filling operations are frequently optional, they can also be used to restore teeth damaged by mistreatment or cracked or broken teeth (like nail-biting or teeth grinding).

Why Choose Porcelain Fillings?

The recommendation is to go with porcelain fillings if you need help deciding whether to do so. Our delighted patients frequently opt for these fillings, and they do so for a variety of reasons.

The most significant of the various causes for this is that these fillings are stronger, fit, and look better overall.

cosmetic benefits of porcelain fillings campbelltown

Cosmetic Benefits of Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain is a highly sought-after substance and a typical filler since it is:

  • Durable – avoids needing several after-procedure repairs.
  • Unobvious – it’s barely noticeable!
  • Pleasant to the eye
  • Wear-resistant
  • Chemically robust
  • Long-lasting

The Porcelain Filling Procedure

You’ll be put to sleep with local anaesthesia throughout the filling procedure. Local anaesthesia helps numb your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues to alleviate pain and suffering.

After cleaning the afflicted tooth, your Campbelltown dentist will extract the decay and fill the space with porcelain.

Your mouth will be just slightly numb after the surgery is complete. Porcelain fillings don’t pose any significant risks, but it’s a good idea to maintain your dentist’s contact information just in case.

Porcelain fillings’ primary purpose is to restore your tooth’s natural structure and appearance.

Porcelain fillings can also be used to fix any damage to teeth brought on by excessive teeth grinding, or they can be used to replace missing or broken pieces of a damaged tooth.

At-home Care for your Porcelain Fillings

at-home care for your porcelain fillings campbelltown

The methods used to maintain porcelain fillings are the same as those employed to stop cavities.

What you can do is:

  • Use toothpaste with fluoride at least twice daily to brush your teeth.
  • Floss once per day.
  • Eat healthily and avoid foods that are sticky or high in sugar.
  • Use an alcohol-free mouthwash to gargle.
  • Don’t smoke or use other tobacco products.
  • Consume stain-causing foods and beverages in moderation.
  • Choose water over acidic drinks.
  • Do not bite down on or chew any hard foods.
  • For check-ups and cleanings, visit your Campbelltown dentist at least once a year and more frequently if they advise.

Porcelain Fillings at Marketfair Dental Care

Your whole health depends on how long your teeth last. We want them to be robust for as long as possible, yet several things can harm them.

Today, bid ugly teeth farewell. Visit Marketfair Dental Care immediately to begin your path to a healthier and more attractive mouth!

At Marketfair Dental Care, we treat all our patients as we would our families by using the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

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How long do porcelain fillings last?

Porcelain fillings can last up to 5 to 10 years with adequate maintenance before they need to be changed.

Who can be placed with porcelain fillings?

Anyone who wants to repair an existing filling or has cavities

Will I experience pain after the procedure?

Typically, for two days following the filling surgery, your tooth will still be slightly sensitive to high temperatures. Three days should bring you back to normal.

Is porcelain filling better?

Patients who seek long-lasting, barely detectable fillings that won’t alter the appearance of their smiles frequently pick porcelain fillings over silver ones because they are known to stay longer.