Dental Bonding

What to Expect If Your Teeth Are Bonded

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Dental Bonding Campbelltown

Tooth-related mishaps do happen. Minor dental flaws and other issues brought on by broken teeth can be easily fixed cheaply.

Fortunately, there are a few fixes for teeth that various methods have chipped. Among these is dental bonding, also known as enamel bonding.

Bonding might be the ideal procedure to restore your confidence and display your gorgeous smile if you have a chipped, broken, decaying, or discoloured tooth.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is the process of applying and hardening tooth-coloured material to teeth.

Unlike porcelain veneers and crowns, which typically require more than two dental visits, this treatment can be completed in a single dental visit.

When Should Dental Bonding be Used?

Dental bonding is a process for making your teeth look better.

The procedure entails the use of tooth-coloured composite resin to:

  • Keep any cracks or chips in your teeth hidden.
  • Discoloured teeth can be camouflaged.
  • Fill any gaps and holes in your teeth.
  • Increase the length of your teeth.
  • Make changes to the appearance of your teeth.

In dental bonding and restorative dentistry, the same composite resin material is used to:

  • Fill cavities
  • Replace old silver teeth fillings with a more aesthetically pleasing alternative.
  • Protect the dental roots that gum recession has left exposed.
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The Dental Bonding Procedure

the dental bonding procedure campbelltown

Dental bonding is a quick, one-visit outpatient procedure that causes no pain. Your cracked tooth will be filled with composite plastic resin by your Campbelltown dentists.

Your replacement tooth will match the rest of your smile because the resin may be shaped.

The following are the steps in a dental bonding procedure:

Step 1: Preparation

A dental hygienist cleans your teeth to show off the actual colour of your teeth. The material will be selected by your Campbelltown dentist that matches the colour of your teeth.

Step 2: Bonding

The surfaces of the target tooth are roughened to help the material bind well. On the tooth’s surfaces, a liquid conditioner is administered. The finished product is then created by applying, shaping, and smoothing resin.

Step 3: Curing

A curing light is focused on the tooth for around 30 seconds to solidify the bonded material.

Your Campbelltown dentist will assess the outcome after the material has hardened and might decide to trim the tooth to perfection.

Care for Bonded Teeth

Avoid biting your fingernails, chewing on pens, ice, or other hard items, or breaking objects open with your bonded teeth since the bonding substance can chip.

If you see any jagged edges on a bonded tooth or if your tooth feels off when you bite down, make an appointment with your dentist right once.

Other than that, bonded teeth don’t need special care. Keep up good oral hygiene.

  • At the absolute least, brush your teeth twice every day.
  • It is recommended to floss at least once every day.
  • Use antiseptic mouthwash once or twice daily.
  • Visit your Campbelltown dentist for routine professional check-ups and cleanings.

Dental Bonding in Campbelltown

By using dental bonding at Marketfair Dental Care, you can have your ideal smile in just 30 minutes.

At Marketfair Dental Care, we treat all our patients as we would our families by using the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

Visit your Campbelltown dentist today!

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Does dental bonding require several visits?

Not at all. One dental appointment is all that is necessary for tooth bonding. Usually, each tooth takes about 30 minutes to complete the operation.

How long does it take for dental bonding to recover?

Bonding teeth doesn’t require any downtime. You can resume all usual activities when you step out of your dentist’s office in Cabramatta.

Are dental bonds permanent?

No. Because dental bonding doesn’t require removing enamel, it can be reversed at any moment.