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dentist mount annan

Marketfair Dental Care is committed to our patient’s oral health and well-being in Campbelltown, Mount Annan and the surrounding communities.

We are located 6.5km and 12 mins drive from the center of Mount Annan, and only 7 mins drive from Arch Walker Bridge.

Whether a patient needs routine check-ups or more involved treatment, our dental office welcomes patients of all ages.

Because we want you to feel at ease and confident when you enter our doors, we provide various services tailored to your unique needs. Through a team of professionals, we are committed to providing you with the best service attainable.

Our Top Treatments for Patients in Mount Annan

Z Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth typically come in without any problems.

The unusual growth of some people’s wisdom teeth, however, causes them pain and discomfort. Additionally, they could need to be extracted if they harm other teeth.

At Marketfair Dental Care, we help remove pain and discomfort caused by wisdom teeth.

After the surgery, you won’t have any pain or discomfort. You can swiftly and successfully resume your normal activities.

Z Dental implants Mount Annan

You can have a complete and attractive smile thanks to dental implants, which replace missing teeth.

An implanted titanium post is a retention and support system for dental prostheses like crowns, bridges, dentures, and facial prosthetics.

Thanks to them, you may go about your daily activities fearlessly, eat what you want, smile, and live a fulfilling life.

Z Kids Dentistry

We’ll see that your kids enjoy themselves while they’re here. Due to the children’s dentist’s assistance in fostering confidence in children while they are still young, children will look forwards to visiting the dentist in the future.

Your kids’ first visits will be fun, thanks to the available toys, stickers, and helpful staff.

Z Crown and bridge

Crowns and bridges are among the best dental repairs for lost or damaged teeth.

This method reestablishes your usual smile and appearance by utilising prosthetic implants. When a tooth is broken or harmed, a crown is used; when one or more teeth are devastated or missing, a bridge is utilised.

Z Dentures

Detachable dental prostheses called dentures can fill the crevices cleared out by losing teeth and assist you in recapturing your smile.

Replacing your teeth if you’ve misplaced all of your teeth due to injury, tooth rot, gum infection, or any other cause will improve your appearance and well-being.

Z Root canal treatments Mount Annan

A seriously harmed or rotting tooth is overseen and spared through root canal therapy.

Extracting the deadly nerve and mashing from the tooth’s interior and cleaning and fixing it, a root canal method can treat cavities in teeth.

When the tissues encompassing the tooth get tainted, an abscess will begin if root canal treatment isn’t received.

Although a root canal could seem frightening, our dental practitioners guarantee comfort.

Z Gum treatments

Various things can cause gum disease, but poor dental hygiene is the most common factor.

If you show gum infection symptoms, visit Marketfair Dental Care for a specific conclusion and treatment arrangement.

Z Occlusal splints

Removable dental appliances called occlusal splints are used to treat TMJ disorders, bruxism, and sleep apnoea.

At Marketfair Dental Care, we will properly fit your occlusal splint to keep your jaw muscles relaxed and prevent clenching and grinding your teeth.

Z Emergency Dentistry Mount Annan

A critical dental emergency that should not be overlooked includes the teeth or gums.

If a dental emergency is ignored, there is a greater chance of further harm and the need for more complicated and costly treatment.

Same Day Dental Emergency Appointments Available for patients in Campbelltown, Mount Annan and the surrounding communities.

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