Dental X-rays

Digital radiography – bringing the insides out!

dental x-rays campbelltown

Dental X-rays Campbelltown

Dental X-rays produce pictures of your teeth that your Campbelltown dentist can examine to determine the extent of your oral health issues.

This aids your dentist in Campbelltown in locating and measure dental decay, bone deformities, root diseases, periodontal disease, teeth eruption, and many other problems.

Despite their seeming complexity, they are a standard procedure just as important as brushing teeth.

Dental X-rays can demonstrate the following:

  • Small decay spots between teeth
  • The decay under fillings
  • Cysts and other tumour kinds
  • Gum disease-induced jaw bone loss
  • The location of the teeth will decide whether braces, dentures, or a tooth implant is needed.
  • Abscesses

Importance of Dental X-rays

Typically, dental X-rays are taken once a year.

If your Campbelltown dentist keeps an eye on the progression of an existing dental issue or procedure, it might be done more often.

  • 70% less radiation than traditional film X-rays
  • It takes less time and is more convenient than traditional film X-rays.
  • Modernised designs that make X-rays less painful.
  • Viewing in higher resolution
  • Immediate results
  • Prevent problems from going undiscovered.
  • Reduce your time in the dentist’s chair.
  • Easily saved on a computer
  • More costly and environmentally friendly

The following factors may influence how frequently you have dental X-rays:

  • Age
  • The current state of oral health
  • Oral illness signs and symptoms
  • Gum disease or cavities in the past

Young patients may require dental X-rays more frequently than adults since dentists may need to keep track of their permanent (adult) teeth.

How are X-rays Performed?

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Most people have no concerns or pain when having dental X-rays taken. The size and location of the sensor placement are important considerations for your comfort.

Taking X-rays should never be unpleasant. The size of your mouth is also a consideration. Placing the sensor gets more difficult if you have a small mouth.

Children are particularly prone to gag reflexes and have difficulty with dental X-rays. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, inform your dental technician. There are certain things they can do to help prevent the gag reaction during the X-ray.

Your Campbelltown dentist will check your X-rays once your session is finished. If they reveal any areas of concern, you may be summoned to the office for a special consultation.

Dental X-rays in Campbelltown

At Marketfair Dental Care, we offer various dental services to help you maintain your oral health and avoid dental problems, including dental X-rays.

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Are dental X-rays safe?

Dental X-rays are completely safe! While they expose you to low radiation levels, the adverse effects are similarly low. You can request additional protection, such as a lead apron to protect your abdomen or a lead collar from covering your thyroid.

Why do I need to undergo dental X-rays?

Dental X-rays are an essential component of a comprehensive oral hygiene routine. Depending on your age and risk of tooth decay, your dentist may recommend dental X-rays.

Follow your dentist’s advice to ensure you take advantage of every opportunity to detect and treat tooth decay before it becomes a significant issue. You will save time, money, and discomfort if you spot the problem early.

Why are there different types of X-rays?

Each type has different applications and advantages. To get a thorough picture of your oral health, you may need to get many types of X-rays.