Tooth Decay

Treatment and Prevention of Tooth Decay

tooth decay treatment campbelltown

Tooth Decay Treatment Campbelltown

Damage to the teeth from tooth decay can lead to cavities, dental abscesses, or even tooth loss. Bacteria in plaque are to blame.

Bacteria can transform your food’s carbohydrates into acids. These acids might start harming your teeth if plaque is allowed to accumulate.

Because of this, maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to preventing tooth decay.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

The location and severity of a cavity will determine its indications and symptoms. You might not have any symptoms when a cavity is in its early stages.

As the decay spreads, the following signs and symptoms could appear:

  • Toothache, sharp pain, or pain that doesn’t seem to have a clear cause
  • Eating or drinking sweet, acidic, spicy, or cold foods or beverages might cause mild to severe pain.
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Visible tooth decay
  • Stains that are brown, black, or white on any surface of a tooth
  • Biting down causes pain.

Treatment for Tooth Decay

treatment for tooth decay campbelltown

Tooth decay can be treated in a variety of ways.

The severity and location of the problem will determine the type of treatment you receive:

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatment can assist the enamel in self-repairing if you have tooth decay in its early stages.


Your Campbelltown dentist will first treat the cavity in your tooth with a filling before removing the damaged tooth tissue.

Root Canal Treatment

You might require root canal treatment if the tooth has been damaged or the infection has reached the pulp.

Your Campbelltown dentist will clean the inside of the tooth and root and remove any decayed pulp.

There will be a temporary filling placed in the tooth. You will have to return to acquire a crown or permanent filling.

Tooth Extraction

If the pulp damage is irreparable, your dentist may recommend pulling the tooth.

To replace the missing tooth, your Campbelltown dentist will advise getting a dental implant or bridge. Otherwise, your bite could vary when the teeth next to the gap migrate.

Tooth Decay Prevention

Despite being frequent and even irreparable, tooth decay can be avoided.

To prevent tooth decay and maintain the healthiest possible gums, heed the following advice:

Z Limit the amount of sugary and starchy foods and drinks you consume

Some medications may also contain sugar, so it’s better to look for sugar-free options whenever possible, whether between meals or an hour before bed.

Z Take good care of your gums and teeth

Use fluoride-containing toothpaste, a soft-bristled toothbrush, and floss at least once a day to clean your teeth thoroughly.

Z See your dentist in Campbelltown frequently

Your mouth, teeth, and gum health will be considered by your Campbelltown dentist when determining how frequently you should go.

Tooth Decay Treatment at Marketfair Dental Care

If untreated, tooth decay can lead to several dental issues.

You may quickly get out of the misery of tooth decay with the efficient treatments provided by Marketfair Dental Care!

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What is tooth decay?

Cavities can occur as a result of tooth decay. Tooth decay is surface damage to a tooth. It happens when bacteria in your mouth convert sugars into acids that destroy the enamel. Tooth decay, if left untreated, can result in discomfort, infection, and even tooth loss.

When do I need to see a dentist?

A cavity can develop even though you’re not fully aware of it. Therefore, even when your mouth feels fine, it is crucial to have frequent dental check-ups and cleanings.

Visit your Campbelltown dentist right away if you have a toothache.