Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

bad breath treatment campbelltown

Bad Breath Treatment Campbelltown

It is entirely normal for germs to live within every one of our mouths. Plaque is a microscopic layer of bacteria that develops on surfaces inside the mouth.

Plaque can release gases that can be perceptible and result in a bad breath when there is an excessive amount of it.

Too much plaque on your teeth, gums, and tongue is typically the source of bad breath.

Morning bad breath is common and can be treated with a thorough brushing of the teeth and mouth surfaces.

However, chronic foul breath can be caused by a more serious medical problem in rare cases.

Halitosis is the term used in medicine to describe foul breath.

Halitosis typically starts in the mouth, although it can also occur in the stomach, throat, lungs, nose, or sinuses.

Bad breath mainly results from poor oral hygiene, gum disease, or tooth decay from the mouth.

Some typical reasons for bad breath include:

  • Plaque buildup caused by poor oral hygiene
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Rotting food particles caught on the tongue and between the teeth
  • Foods and beverages with overpowering aromas, including alcohol, coffee, garlic, and onions


Plaque can accumulate on your teeth and gums due to poor oral hygiene, which increases your risk of developing more severe periodontal illnesses, tooth decay, and gum disorders like gingivitis.

Regular bad breath or an unpleasant taste in your mouth are both indicators of gum disease.

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Treatment for Bad Breath

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Regularly practise good dental hygiene to lessen bad breath, prevent tooth decay, and reduce your risk of developing gum disease.

The cause of poor breath can affect the course of treatment.

Your dentist could suggest that you see your primary care physician if it is thought that an underlying medical condition causes your foul breath.

Your Campbelltown dentist will collaborate with you to help you better manage any conditions associated with oral health.

Dental precautions could include:

Mouthwash and toothpaste

Your dentist can suggest a mouthwash that eliminates bacteria if the plaque on your teeth is what’s causing your bad breath.

If you want to eliminate the microorganisms that lead to plaque buildup, your dentist may suggest using toothpaste with an antibacterial ingredient.

Treatment of dental disease

Consult a periodontist if you have gum disease. Gum disease can cause the gums to tear away from the teeth, leaving behind large pockets that breed bacteria that produce foul odours.

These bacteria can occasionally only be removed by skilled cleaning.

Additionally, since damaged restorations serve as bacterial havens, your Campbelltown dentist may advise replacing them.

Bad Breath Prevention

  • Always keep your mouth clean. Before going to bed and at least once more during the day, brush your teeth thoroughly.
  • To eliminate the food particles lodged between your teeth and under the gums, floss once daily.
  • Chewing sugar-free gum increases saliva production and prevents dry mouth, which can cause bad breath.

Bad Breath Treatment in Campbelltown

You can get fresher breath and prevent bad breath from undermining your confidence with the help of your Campbelltown dentist.

At Marketfair Dental Care, we treat all our patients as we would our families by using the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

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How can you tell whether the bad breath is a severe problem?

A persistent unpleasant taste in your mouth or poor breath may be signs of severe gum disease brought on by plaque, a sticky bacteria that breeds cavities.

How can I treat bad breath?

You can do several things to get rid of bad breath, including brushing your teeth frequently, cleaning your tongue, drinking water throughout the day, quitting smoking, and speaking with your Campbelltown dentist about utilising different medications.

Make an appointment with your dentist if you need help with these actions to help your bad breath.

How can I avoid bad breath?

Maintaining good oral hygiene, going to check-ups, and using mouthwash to stop bad breath is vital. When you need to clean your mouth and refresh your breath, mouthwash is a fantastic tool.