Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth

As Campbelltown’s children’s dentist, we at Marketfair Dental Care are your partners in the lifelong maintenance of strong, functional teeth. We take pride in offering an educational experience for our young patients, teaching them and communicating to them the best methods of caring for your teeth over time, cementing good habits that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

We have taken note, however, of a worrying trend among our young patients in recent years. Children, some as young as three or four, have been presenting with cavities. Typically, cavities are more the territory of older children, who are able to indulge their taste in sweets more often. And yet, this trend continues.

It appears that the answer is sugar. A common additive to our diets, the sugar craze is in full swing in Australia, and often in quantities, and in foods, that we may not realise.

Children’s snacks, such as granola bars, are not typically something that you would consider to be high in sugar. Neither would we suspect something as innocuous as bread, or fruit juices. However, the ability to sugar to mask tartness in foods – something that does not typically appeal to the palate of a child – has meant that those savvy businesses, looking to improve sales, have been sneakily adding it to their products.

As well, there is a mildly addictive quality to sugar. Many people will struggle to go ‘off’ sugar suddenly, and are accustomed to consuming a given amount in the course of their day – a habit that many might be unaware of.

Today, we encourage all of our parents to ensure that they read the labels on their children’s foods. Improving the diet of your children can reap benefits beyond your teeth, as well – it can help to solve behavioural issues, can lead to a better student, and can decrease their odds of developing youth diabetes. As Campbelltown’s children’s dentist, we believe that doing so is well worth your while.

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