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Our lovely suburb, it can be comfortably said, it nothing short of sports-crazed. We love our various teams, and you can often see entire families braving the heat or the chill to cheer them on. It is our passion, and we have produced some truly notable sportsmen – not a mean feat, for a town of our size.

The importance of mouthguard in sport

As Campbelltown’s family dentist, we can confidently assert that a must-have piece of equipment for your aspiring professionals is a well-fitted, top-quality mouthguard. It should be standard equipment, and you should be encouraging your young ones – and your not-so-young ones – to practice, and compete, with it firmly in place.

Oddly enough, mouthguards were not originally created to safeguard one’s teeth. They were initially created to keep a boxer’s lips from being cut on their teeth, but it was soon discovered that their benefits ran considerably further than this. A properly fitted mouth guard is capable of cushioning your teeth, gums, and tongue during an impact. Whether the jaw is impacted by a knee, an elbow, or the ground, the force of the blow is translated in to the soft plastic of the guard, rather than cracking, breaking, or dislodging the relatively more brittle teeth.

Not only teeth will benefit, however. Soft tissue, such as your jaw muscles and the inside of your mouth, are far less likely to be punctured or injured when wearing a mouth guard. There is also evidence that it could help to prevent concussions, as well, by preventing the ‘snapping’ action of your jaw as it shuts.

In short, there are a wealth of benefits of wearing a mouth guard. Doing so could keep you out of the dentist’s chair post-game. For all of your family dentistry needs in Campbelltown, contact your friends at Marketfair, today.

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