Why Brushing and Flossing Weren’t Enough To Keep Your Teeth Healthy?

As Campbelltown’s family dentist, Marketfair Dental Care knows the value of proper oral health. Your brushing and flossing routine goes a great distance to encourage strong and health teeth and gums over the course of time, but as important as they are, there are some areas beyond their reach.

One of these is below your gumline. While your gums provide an excellent seal, it isn’t perfect, and foods and bacteria can make it south of the border. And your teeth are just as susceptible to cavity-forming bacteria below the gumline as they are above it.

And not only your teeth, but your gums can suffer. The presence of plaque and tartar below your gumline can irritate your gums, and result in swollen, red, bloody gums. Left unchecked, it can easily develop in to ailments such as gingivitis and periodontitis, along with their accompanying symptoms of bad breath and discomfort.

Brushing and flossing aren’t enough!

This is why your family dentist in Campbelltown at Marketfair encourages a twice-annual visit. Your visit to our offices involves a general checkup, a polishing, a fluoride bath, and dental scraping – whereby your talented dentist utilises a deft touch and some unique tools to clean your teeth below the gumline. This removes any plaque or tartar that might be present, and ensures that your teeth aren’t suffering unduly, out of sight and out of reach of your brush.

By keeping an eye on your oral health, your friends at Marketfair Dental Care can tackle any trouble spots before they become more serious, and keep your pearly whites strong and healthy. For more information, and to book your appointment, contact us today!

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