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At your Campbelltown dentist, we refer dozens of patients to the orthodontist each year. Crowding and malocclusions – where the top and bottom teeth don’t align properly – are very common, and often braces or extractions are needed to keep everything in order. It begs the question: why are these ailments so common?

The answer is multifaceted, but a key reason occurred over ten thousand years ago. The agricultural revolution, which began in the Levant, has played a direct role in our cultural and physical evolution.

When humanity began to discover large-scale agriculture, we became able to support population centres for the first time. Prior to this, humans existed in smaller tribes, subsisting as hunter-gatherers. The development of towns and cities meant that we were able to create the language, artistry, music, and technology that has aided our advancement as a civilisation.

It also profoundly changed our diet. From one that concentrated on tough vegetables and uncooked meats, we were now eating mostly starchy carbs, such as grains, wheat, beans, and lentils. Because this food is somewhat softer than uncooked meats and vegetables, we no longer needed those larger, stronger jaws, and slowly, evolved smaller mouths.

However, as of now, we still develop the same amount of teeth. This means that they are obliged to exist in a smaller space, a direct reason for the crowding and malocclusions that occur so widely today.

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