Your Children’s Dentist in Campbelltown and Stress

Here at Marketfair Dental Care, your children’s dentist in Campbelltown, we work towards the provision of top-quality, holistic family dentistry. We provide the latest procedures and methods, using state-of-the-art gear, and do our best to ensure that we stay on top of any and all trends dominating our profession. And one of the most pressing of late? The impacts of stress.

Stress & Your Children’s Dental Health: How Are They Related?

Stress has been described as one of the biggest issues facing modern society. The constant connectivity provided by the smartphone revolution, alongside the fast pace of change, has seen it impact millions of people – even children. And its health impacts are only lately becoming apparent, with your teeth, and your gums, being very much at risk.

When your body is stressed out, it produces more of a hormone called cortisol. This hormone acts to suppress your immune system, and leaves your gums open to infection from bacteria, less able, as they are, to fight them off. Increased instances of gingivitis and periodontitis have been noted in patients exhibiting higher stress.

Habitual aspects of stress are also found to be detrimental to your teeth. People under stress are more likely to grind their teeth, wearing down the toughened enamel. They may smoke and drink more, and follow a less healthy diet, and will potentially forget to properly brush and floss. Put together, your teeth can easily suffer.

As your family dentists in Campbelltown, we reckon it pays to look in to some basic methods of easing your pent-up tension. Yoga, deep breathing exercises, and days when you leave your smartphone at home can do you wonders. Believe us – the world won’t end if you do so, so disconnect and take a load off.

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