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Our morning and evening brushing routine is typically so habitual that we don’t spend much time thinking about it. We have done it thousands of times – we can be forgiven if we fall in to a groove.

But such habits should be revisited on occasion. And as your Campbelltown family dentist, we reckon that there is one very common habit that you can, and should, abandon this year.

Quit the Rinse

That’s right – rinsing your teeth after brushing is doing your teeth absolutely no favours. It actually reduces the effectiveness of your brushing efforts, and prevents your fluoride-based toothpaste from working its magic on your enamel.

Why is that? Flouride-based toothpaste requires some time to remineralise your enamel. After you have finished brushing, the ‘paste’ that is left over coats your teeth, and goes to work shoring up your teeth’s defences. But it cannot do this if you have rinsed it away.

Now, we know what you are thinking – who wants a gritty leftover residue left on their teeth each morning and evening? The solution is twofold.

First, the majority of adults use entirely too much toothpaste. The pretty image of the full-length line of toothpaste on your brush, seen in most toothpaste commercials, is wholly unnecessary. You need no more than a pea-sized blob.

Secondly, spit with some gusto. We don’t mean to decorate your mirror, but use your tongue and your saliva to remove what you can. The leftover ‘grittiness’ that you feel on your teeth will be gone within a few minutes – washed away by your saliva – and in such small amounts will do you no harm if ingested.

Any fundamental change to your brushing routine is bound to raise some eyebrows – not to mention require some concerted effort – but we can guarantee that you will notice a difference very quickly. Give it try!

As your Campbelltown family dentist, your friends at Marketfair are ready to take care of your one and only set of pearly whites. Contact us today and let’s get you booked in.

And of course, Happy New Year!

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