Your Campbelltown Family Dentist and Sugar Consumption

The world of dental care has come a long way in recent years. From sticky glues and sets of dentures, we now have dental implants. Cavities take a fraction of the time to fill. And 3D printers are building our new crowns on-site, far from the confines of the lab.

And yet, misconceptions do persist, and as your Campbelltown family dentist here at Marketfair, we felt obliged to dispel one of them.

The link between tooth decay and sugar has long been noted, and this mechanism is well-known today. Sugars break down in to acids, which eat away at the tough enamel on our teeth. Eventually, weak spots appear, through which this acid is able to create cavities.

However, as well known as this link is, it is deceiving. It actually doesn’t matter the volume of sugary soda or chocolate that you consume – the pace is the real arbiter of how much pain you put your teeth through.

Your teeth have a natural washing mechanism in your saliva. If you eat an entire chocolate bar in one sitting, you have exposed your teeth to these sugars and acids for only the duration of your meal (and shortly afterward). However, if you drag that bar out for, say, an hour, you are repeatedly exposing your teeth to these substances, and asking your saliva to wash it off each time.

By keeping this in mind, you can limit your daily indulgence to a more reasonable time frame, and offer your teeth a break throughout the day. As your Campbelltown dentists, we at Marketfair Dental Care can craft an oral care retinue that will work for you, and the entire family. Contact us today and let’s get you started.

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