Your Campbelltown Family Dentist and Electric Toothbrushes

The pace of change in modern medicine is remarkable, and even your humble toothbrushes have landed squarely in its path. Today, electric toothbrushes are available in the thousands, in a wide range of different permutations and styles, and they are growing in popularity.

To be sure, everyone loves a good gadget, but as your local family dentist in Campbelltown, we at Marketfair Dental Care thought it could be useful to delve in to the research with regards to these new oral care tools. Some of them can cost the consumer a solid whack of cash – up to $250 – so it begs the question: are they worth the investment?

Turns out, it depends on a few key factors.

A Cleaner Clean

It has been shown that properly used, oscillating-head electric toothbrushes do provide a reduction in the amount of plaque on your teeth. Over a three-month study, those using these brushes exhibited up to 20% less plaque.

It is speculated that this could be due to the more precise nature of the electric brush. Because they work best while held in place, the brusher tends to be more thorough in their cleaning efforts, not moving on from one tooth before they have properly taken care of it.

Easy on the Gums

This style of usage also has its benefits for your gums. Even the most careful of brusher can roll over the edge of their gums with a manual toothbrush. Over time, this can contribute notably to the process of receding gums, while meanwhile aggravating issues with swelling or bleeding. Electric brushes were shown to offer a cleaner gumline, with less irritation.

Less Effort

Finally, electric toothbrushes are easier on the user. Because they are held in place, rather than being actively used to ‘brush’ the teeth, they are a better fit for those of us suffering with an injury, a disability, or arthritis.

Less Waste

Finally, electric toothbrushes mean you are contributing less to your own overall amount of plastic waste. WIth electric brushes, you typically are only replacing the brush itself, rather than the entire brush and handle. A small difference, but nevertheless a meaningful one.

In short, electric toothbrushes are here to stay, and they do offer a wealth of benefits. And while you will still likely need a manual brush for camping trips or convenience, you can reap the benefits of cleaner teeth right in your own home.

Of course, for a professional clean, or for any other dental care that you may require, your friends at Marketfair are ready to help you, as Campbelltown’s family dentists. Contact us today and make your appointment!

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