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Have your teeth lost their shine?

The reasons for discoloured teeth are numerous. Certain foods, such as those rich in blueberries, are joined by drinks such as wine, tea, coffee, cola, and red wine. A smoking habit is a common reason for stained teeth, as well.

Other factors include your genetics, a reaction to certain antibiotics, fluoride use in childhood, or internal damage to the root, can all contribute to darker, stained teeth. At Marketfair Dental Care, we employ a range of methods, and can create a bespoke solution for teeth whitening in Campbelltown.

Our methods include:


At Marketfair DentalCare, we have in-chair and take home teeth whitening options to give you a fresher, whiter smile. The in-chair whitening provides a faster result (your teeth are visibly whiter after one treatment). The take-home whitening allows you to complete the treatment in the comfort of your own home over around a 2 week period and provides a more affordable option.


For a stain that is harder to fix, dental veneers may be the best option. These thin ceramic shells sit over the top of your existing teeth and are colour matched to surrounding teeth. In addition to covering up stains, veneers can also provide a great solution for teeth that are chipped or crooked.


Regain your confidence
A whiter smile can impact the way that you interact with your world. Get in touch with us before you next big event, and show your new smile to the world.

At Marketfair, we offer Campbelltown teeth whitening solutions that work.

Please contact us for an appointment to discuss which option is best for you.